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2013 Bowls for the Oldies Project

Bowls for the Oldies Charity Aged care community work Woodturners of the Hunter

The Aged Care Facilities that are to benefit from our project this year are:-

  • John Hunter Childrens Hospital
  • Hillside Assisted Living Apartments, Mt Hutton


Please make the bowls to the dimensions on the drawing. Also, please be mindful of the finishes that are used,

as the odours from some oils and waxes permeate into the sweets. By making and giving these bowls away the

reputation of Woodturners of the Hunter is placed on public display and I ask that you be mindful of this and

produce bowls that you are proud to put your name upon. On the base of the bowls please only write your

name and the timber species, no dates or messages.

We need 200 bowls by late November to allow time for packaging and distribution.

I look forward to your support with this project.

Richard Herbert: Tel: see Turnabout


This photo shows our past Chairman Chris Medlicott and Loretta Corcoran packing lollies into bowls turned by members  and these will be distributed to various Aged Care Facilities.


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